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Aged Care Internal Audit Support

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    My Aged Care Internal Audit Support

    The purpose of an internal audit is to evaluate the quality of the services provided by the organisation. It estimates the credibility of the organisation against all prerequisites of the policies and procedures. Australian Government conducts the Review Audits. Two or more quality assessors from Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission come for the review. 

    Review Audits might be held with (announced) or without notice (unannounced). The organisation should be able to meet the Aged Care Quality Standards. On the off chance that you get notice of a review, you can start arranging your review practices 

    My Aged Care Registration Consultants have helped many organisations to set up a business, and keep up with the latest policies and procedures during the review. We help the providers around Australia and foster their group, improve their adequacy and suitability, help in developing their organisation

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