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NDIS Registration

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    NDIS Registration

    Under the NDIS commission, registration is mandatory for all states and territories. To register as an NDIS provider, you will be required to meet the practice standards of NDIS. If you want to register as an NDIS provider, we can help you through the process of meeting the requirements of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. Once you are registered as an approved NDIS provider, we also offer ongoing support to help comply with changes in the NDIS landscape and offer strategies to boost business.

    New provider registrations

    All the NDIS providers are required to register through NDIS Commission (NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission), as of 1 December 2020. The NDIS market, safety, national consistency and quality services are regulated by NDIS Commission. Also, the commission helps in resolving problems and identifying areas of improvement. We can help you in the process of registration and becoming an authentic NDIS provider.  

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    You can speak to us and get answers to all of your questions. Our knowledgeable NDIS registration consultants will be able to assist you at every stage of the NDIS provider registration/renewal process.